Holistic Therapy – emancipating the periphery of physical healing

Diseases are a part of human existence. It is one of the many challenges that human race have strived to oversome since the beginning of time. Human body has to face the atrocities of survival every single day. Even though medical science have evolved beyond descriptions, it has its own limitations.
To cure the ailments of patients, humans efforts have discovered Holistic healing therapy. It is an effort aimed at minimizing the physical ailments and curing patients of the root cause. Holistic healing is not an alternative to conventional medical care – rather it is suggested that individuals follow it as a supplementary treatment process

Addressing the root cause: The existence of a disease is felt by symptoms.  A disease is diagnosed only when the patient complains of its symptoms. A good number of time patients develop these due to physical and sometimes non physical causes. The idea behind holistic healing is to address the causes which are responsible and might have caused the disease propagate.

Body Mind and spirit: It has been observed that there is always an inter- relationship between human emotions, their lifestyle, thinking process and their physical body. For instance, positive though process may attract a positive energy to your lifestyle whereas a negative though process may only invite more negativity to your life. The purpose behind holistic healing therapy is to re invest the connection between your mind and body and help it reach a state of equilibrium so that every component of your body system is well balanced.

Food Habits: Regular diet of human being is also one of the main factors taken into consideration by Holistic Therapy practitioners. The existence of the elements Sattva, Raja, Tama also has a bearing on the body of an individual.
A disease mainly takes place when there is either an energy congestion or energy depletion in a certain part of the body system. When an individual attains equilibrium in his mind body and spirit, he attains perfect state of well being.