NLP – What is it? How is it different from life coaching?

A number of life coaches and NLP or “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” practitioners can be found across UK and US. But are the two same? You will be surprised to know, that it is NOT. These professions are so similar that even professionals confuse themselves. Although many aspects are similar, life coaching and NLP are inherently different. Though, the origins of life coaching cannot easily be tracked down, the origination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is well documented.

As it is in the case of life coaching, the coach needs to identify the specific goal that the clients want to achieve, similarly the NLP professionals are also required to identify the requirements of their clients and them guise them to acquire it. The main difference being, the NLP practitioner may have to deal with the past whereas the life coach only deals with the present and future. The reason being, NLP may require getting the client rid of negative emotions, limiting decisions, etc that hold the client back from powerful decision making. Whether life coaching or NLP, both work towards positive results.

How to find the right NLP Professional?

The first thing that you need to look into is the accreditation or certification of the person who claims to be a NLP practitioner. The second thing that you can consider is, getting testimonials from past clients. This factor is very important to analyze, whether or not you will get the desired results if you hire the NLP practitioner. Though delivering results also depends upon the number of years of experience he/ she carries. Another thing that can be very helpful is the free introductory sessions that many professionals provide before you officially hire them. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your specific needs with the NLP professional and assess whether he/ she is right for you. It may so happen that after the discussion the professional feels he/ she may not be able to help and may refer to other practitioners. Even if you have looked into all the above, it is very important to trust your gut feelings. Comfort and trust are two factors that are very important in NLP. If you’re somehow not comfortable then it is the best look on for some other professional.