Tobacco smoking is the largest preventable cause of premature death and disease. Quitting at age 50 halves you risk of smoking-related death, but quitting by age 30 avoids almost all of the risks.

In addition to benefit your own health, quitting could also improve the health of your family. Every cigarette you don’t smoke is doing good to you.
If you're desperate to quit smoking then have a life coach for quit smoking which can definitely help you. There is nothing wrong in looking for external help, especially when it comes to cigarette addiction.

A life coach for quit smoking is no different to a personal trainer. As human beings, we are capable of doing everything ourselves, but it becomes easier to reach our limits if we have a coach. They also help us greatly with discipline and which is especially important when it comes to smoking.

Benefits of having a Life Coach

  1. partners with you to ensure success
  2. helping you to set goals and create a plan to achieve them
  3. aids you to identify your strengths and opportunities for greater personal and professional development
  4. bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be in the future

Things which Life Coach will do...

  1. Give introduction and overview of the Quit Smoking Program
  2. Will Identify your smoking behaviour and triggers
  3. Give coaching regarding your desire to quit smoking
  4. Will integrate process to align the part of you that is a smoker with the part of you that is a non-smoker
  5. Give light hypnotic techniques to clear your pattern of smoking and solidify your desire to be a non-smoker
  6. Provide tailored coaching to change your patterns for relaxation, cravings, addiction, habits and behaviours.
  7. And Future pace your life as a non-smoker

So one should have a Life coach with right personalities, great listener and one who has perfect answer for you.