Issues Related To Women

Despite big claims of women empowerment, various issues still exist in every aspect of a woman’s life; varying from cultural, social, educational and financial fronts. Still there are various aspects where women do not get their due recognition. Women do not get the due respect they deserve for all the hard work they put in throughout their life. There are many women who are bold enough to face all these challenges of life, but there are some who lose hope and take extreme steps. Today, it is possible for use women who are distressed to seek help from a life-coach, who is always there to help her out.

Most people think such issues related to women exist only in developing or under-developed countries; which is not always true. Everywhere, such issues exist in various magnitudes.

Social Issues

Even today in our societies, women do not get the acknowledgement and respect they deserve. At every step they are underestimated and their self-respect is challenged. Narrow-mindedness still exists when it come to women’s rights. They are deprived of even simple amenities of life. They are expected to lead a subdued life meant only for obeying other. At times women are even physically abused when they try to resist and raise their voice for their rights. Today, many women’s organizations and also life-coaches are working towards empowerment of women and minimize atrocities done to women.

Financial Issues

Proportionally women are weaker financially than men, so they are often forced to rely on the men folk for everything. Even today, men hold important position in corporate world and service industry. Very few women are seen up the ladder in corporate world, which is proof enough to show how women are still lagging far behind men financially. Sexual preferences exist everywhere, which makes it difficult for women to be financially stronger. There are only a handful of profession such as teaching, beauty segment which are women’s domain, everywhere else it is men who have total control.

It is expected that a woman should always depend on her father or husband for financial stability

Job related Issues

There is always a sexual preference when it comes to entrusting with important posted in a company. Men are thought to be stronger and are capable of shouldering responsibilities better. Even If a woman is given recognition a lot of ego problems crop up among the men employees.

Because of such issues in society, women are more likely to suffer from stress and thus lose hope in life. In such cases, they can always seek help from a life-coach and try to sort out the problem.